Phone Number Directory
& Do Not Call List Tools

Connecting Businesses and Organizations With Consumers

A Phone Number Directory With Integrated Do Not Call List Platform To Help

Generate Leads

Generate leads with an up-to-date residential phone number directory containing addresses and names.

Engage Prospects

Engage with prospects using features designed to assist conversations, follow ups, and conversions.

Grow Your Business

Grow your business by generating and cultivating leads using our prospecting tools.

Lead Generation, Lead Cultivation, Do No Call List Compliance Tools

Canada Phone Number Directory

An up-to-date Canada phone number directory with millions of records, searchable by map and criteria.

Phone Number & Address Directory

An up-to-date online phone number and address directory which can be exported and printed up to the account limits.

CRTC DNCL Do Not Call List

Do Not Call List Compliance

All phone numbers are automatically checked against the CRTC Do Not Call List when the user has access to a valid CRTC Do Not Call List subscription.

Follow Up Reminders

Included is a follow up and tasks system which will provide reminders to complete when they are due.

Phone Calling Wizard

A potent and seamless way to prospect with the added value of maintaining compliance with rules and regulations around calling to generate leads.

Lead Management

Included is a lead management system which helps manage leads and prospects in one platform.

Single and Multi-User Accounts

Our platform supports single users, teams, and enterprises requiring access to a Canadian Phone Number Directory and CRTC Do Not Call List lookups to generate leads and maintain compliance with CRTC regulations.


The perfect platform to integrate with others! We maintain and develop integrations with other popular platforms.

Complete Solution

A complete end-to-end telephone directory prospecting platform with more and easier to use prospecting and calling features than the competition.

A Canadian Phone Number Directory and Calling Platform Optimized For

Real Estate Agents

Cold calling lists and tools for real estate agents with an integrated CRTC Do Not Call List compliance platform keeps agents productive and compliant with calling regulations.

Real Estate Brokerages

Real estate brokerages can ensure CRTC DNCL Do Not Call List compliance across all representatives by providing a single solution across the entire brokerage.


Our solution scales across enterprises of any size to provide a reliable, easy to use, cold calling productivity platform and do not call list compliance tools.